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All Artworks are available in print form. If you are quick you could get and original painting.

Prices shown reflect the A4 size print.

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The story of jan pa pertains to two people I have to thank for my existence. One a staff nurse named Jan who saved me with the kiss of life. Secondly PA for Pietro Annigoni the Queens Artist who encouraged me to start painting again. we were good friends sadly he died after an appendix operation went wrong so Janpa is always after my signature for these two friends.

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As a child of six I wanted to be an artist, but nobody in my family had artistic learning’s, so I taught myself how to draw. I used to draw on anything available, under tables and even on the pavements of the street where we lived in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne.

I left school in 1955 and studied art at the college of Art & Industrial Design on a three year N.D.D course in life drawing, design, drawing for reproduction and printing. Around this time my mother took ill and died and I was forced to leave without finishing the course, and I never painted for fifteen years. During this time I became good friends with the Queens artist Pietro Annigoni, our friendship blossomed and he soon became my mentor, and it was because of him i got back into painting.

Through my tuition I received a commission and painted the telephone manager P.I.Docherty the next commission I received was to paint the Pipe Major Peter Lambert B.E.M. Unfortunately I was in hospital when it was presented at Blagdon Hall by Princess Margaret in 1987. I then received a commission to paint the Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, Arthur C Cook, where it hung in the mansion house in Jesmond for one year with paintings by T.M Richardson and W. Richardson, Father and Son, I have always wondered if we are related and that’s where my artistic abilities originated from.

I have always loved dogs and I showed Shetland sheep dogs for years, I soon became well known among breeders for my beautiful pet portraits of various top breed dogs. I’ve recently painted His Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry ‘the wild ones’. I then sent two prints to Clarence House, and I was thanked by the Prince of Wales himself with a lovely letter.

I currently have paintings in Australia, Netherlands, Portugal, France, USA and all parts of the UK.

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